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Creating and implementing a unified brand story based on your ideal client and analytical analysis.

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Expand your business strategy to include SMART goals and expand your market.

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Bringing together tools and human resources to support and implement your marketing plan while you create your business.

Resource Management

Working together to create a path to your business goal, not more to-do lists.

Organic Reach is Dead. Or Is It?

The news from Social Media Marketing World is that Facebook Organic Reach is dead. A year ago you could post an image and get instantaneous traffic; you now have to pay to reach those very same followers. There is no denying it, by that definition organic reach is...

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Here are a few of our Wildpreneur™ Clients


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Carmen Schreffler

Magician of Business Arts


B.S. Chemistry

Bucknell University


Strategic Marketing Certification

Cornell University


Business & Marketing Coach

Clarity, Intuition, and Analytical Analysis


Tech Junkie & Organizer

I love new tools and tech to help streamline business.

What our Wildpreneur™ Clients are saying


Collaborating with you has brought clarity and definition to the marketing and structure of my business.  Your gift is your intuitive ability to see the direction that the journey needs to take next.

You are practical and concrete which helps me translate what I want to do into the real world.  I think that what helps the most is talking through my ideas and feeling like I have a partner in implementation.  I don't feel like I'm doing it alone - and at the same time, I always have the lead.

I think that for solo entrepreneurs particularly coaches we are often in the clouds, not practical and feel alone.  You can really help with your practicality and you help to translate the coaches ideas into concrete strategies and processes.  You can also help find the resources we need and may not know about to get things done, anything from creating a new product to sharing ideas and strategies about how to implement a marketing or promotion strategy.
I also think that you are very helpful in getting those super practical business process structured and implemented from mailing and list management to website support.  You aren't afraid of technology and tools, you know how to use and find on-line tools and you can learn them if you don't know.  I always feel like you enhance what I know. You are always thinking about what would work better either a tool or a system.  You are always learning.  I love that because then I don't have to feel like I need to keep up with all the latest marketing and online techniques, I know you have it covered. I know you'll bring something up before I do or suggest something better.
You believe in my business and that feels very supportive. Solos like me (coaches) need that.
Bev Barnes

Martha Beck Master Life Coach & Mentor, Bev Barnes

Wild results!  Carmen and Wildpreneur took my social media presence to a new level of engagement and followers. She’s an innovative entrepreneur with a creative streak. An idea person with the experience to make them a reality.

Maureen Taylor

Finding Family History In Your Picture Mysteries, The Photo Detective

Every time I get off the phone with you I feel like a weight has been lifted! I am proud to say Carmen is my Virtual Services ANGEL!! She’s so patient when teaching me how she can help me. It’s making such a difference being able to trust and release what is difficult for me to find time for into her good care – and we’ve only just started!

Deb Droz

Martha Beck Master Life Coach & Mentor, Whole Wellness Living

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