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Guide Your Clients to Success . . .

Create stories to capture your client’s attention.

Follow a formula for clear and easy communication with your ideal market.

Effortlessly guide ideal clients to your solution.

Help your clients to thrive and your business success will follow.


Over the course of 6-months, we will work together to create your customized marketing plan. We will create a customized brand script, and work together to help you to develop a sustainable list-building strategy, a content and connection plan, and a system to monetize your audience.


You will receive:

  • A customized brand script to use to create all of your marketing copy
  • 2   90-min 1-1 sessions a month
  • Voxer Support
  • Facebook Ad advice and review
  • Organizational, productivity, and planning guidance
  • Review & Editing of emails, website copy, social media copy
  • Connection with your ideal clients that is based on service first
  • A partner who cares about your success as much as you do

What you will not receive:

  • Marketing Implementation, I will not DO your marketing for you. This is a done WITH you, not for you service.
  • High pressure, seven-figure promise marketing tactics that are being spewed across the interwebs

Value & Cost:

  • Cost: $1100/month for 6-months
  • Value: It will depend on what you put into it. I have taken clients from minimal revenue to 5-figure revenue in 6-months. I have taken 6 figure businesses to 7 figure businesses. And I have also worked with clients who made no progress. The results are up to you! What I can promise you is that I will be here to help you every step of the way as we develop your business.

Purpose-driven marketing so effective it feels like magic.

Connect with customers. Increase the bottom line. Experience the true power of science and creativity!

Meet your guide, Carmen


Clarity + Intuition +
Analytical Analysis

Marketing isn't a dirty word. Or at least it doesn't have to be.

We can follow the numbers AND your inner wisdom to get you truly magical results in your business.

We may not have a map, but I have experience working with dozens of life coaches, spiritual mentors, authors and purpose-driven businesses.

I have helped take businesses from doing “okay” to “sold out.” I have managed 7-figure launches without 6-figure spend.

Most importantly, I have helped entrepreneurs brush off and get back up when things didn’t go perfectly. Because this is real life, it will go sideways. The important bit is what did we learn and how do we respond when things don’t go as planned.



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Connect with your customers & grow your business.

A Few Wildpreneur™ Clients

I've loved working with Carmen. She's always learning more about best practices for online marketing, she puts her whole heart into her work, and she always strives to keep her innovative ideas aligned with her client's integrity. She has energized my company and brought in many positive results.


My favorite thing about Carmen is that she shares my ideal of making every customer connection—emails, FaceBook Live broadcasts, webinars—a form of service. It's a style of marketing that puts the customer first, and I love that. I also love the data and critical analysis we've been able to do with Carmen's help. She's a bundle of energy sho always aims to give, rather than take, and I consider myself very lucky to work with her.
Martha Beck

Martha Beck, Inc.

Brings Clarity & a Partner

Collaborating with you has brought clarity and definition to the marketing and structure of my business.  Your gift is your intuitive ability to see the direction that the journey needs to take next. I don't feel like I'm doing it alone - and at the same time, I always have the lead.

- Bev Barnes, Soul's Calling Academy
Calm in the Storm

You are my calm in the storm, working with you creates paths to complete my business visions.

- Tina Meilleur,  Martha Beck Life Coach, MBA
Innovative Entrepreneur

Wild results!  Carmen and Wildpreneur took my social media presence to a new level of engagement and followers. She’s an innovative entrepreneur with a creative streak.

- Maureen Taylor The Photo Detective
Intuitive Awareness

Carmen is an entrepreneur’s dream because she combines a vast array of technical skills with an extraordinary level of intuitive awareness.

- Marney Makridakis Artellaland, Words, Art and Spirit Owner & Creator