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Collaborating with you has brought clarity and definition to the marketing and structure of my business.  Your gift is your intuitive ability to see the direction that the journey needs to take next. You are practical and concrete which helps me translate what I want to do into the real world.  I think that what helps the most is talking through my ideas and feeling like I have a partner in implementation.  I don’t feel like I’m doing it alone – and at the same time, I always have the lead.

Bev Barnes

Martha Beck Master Life Coach & Coach Instructor | Owner & Creator of Soul's Calling Academy

Carmen helps me herd the administrative cats of my group coaching program like a pro. She’s also got a keen eye and a creative mind for finding new ways to make things run smoother. Definitely an invaluable part of my team!

Tea Silvestre

Story Bistro

You are my calm in the storm, working with you creates paths to complete my business visions.

Tina Meilleur

Design Your Success | Martha Beck Life Coach, CPA, MBA

Working with Carmen makes it fun and safe for me. Thank you! I love the way Wake Up Qi is evolving into a home for all of the different facets of my business. I really appreciate working on various aspects of the site with them by phone and the patience and laughter during the call.

Paula Graham

Wake Up Qi

Wild results!  Carmen and Wildpreneur took my social media presence to a new level of engagement and followers. She’s an innovative entrepreneur with a creative streak. An idea person with the experience to make them a reality.

Maureen Taylor

The Photo Detective

Carmen is an entrepreneur’s dream because she combines a vast array of technical skills with an extraordinary level of intuitive awareness. As a result, she can deftly intuit first steps, next steps, as well as the bigger picture.  She excels at taking a general project idea and organizing it into categories and steps, as well as carrying out those steps with care and attention to detail. As a bonus, she understands the mindset of the creative person and is very skilled at “translating” the creative person’s idea into a logical framework and structure in a way that supports the creative vision and puts it into action.

Marney Makridakis

Artellaland, Words, Art and Spirit Owner & Creator

I remember the day of our first call.  I was flailing about with a project for my new business that I ‘tried’ to do alone.  The time for the presentation was ticking away and I realized that I just could not go it alone anymore.  I wish we had ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of this projects’ huge transformation.  It was quite remarkable!  You were right there with all the way.  Dedicated and committed to my success with this project.  I look forward to many creative ways that you will help me expand my business.  Having a VA is the most efficient thing I could do to grow my business.  I’m glad I didn’t try to do it ‘all’ when someone like you exists so I can do what I’m best at and what makes me the happiest. Much love, Joy

Joy Principe

Life Coach, CPA | Circle of Life Coaching and Personal Growth

I am so excited by the very first version of my website. We’ve not even had a face to face meeting to finalize and revamp — so if this is what Wildpreneur can do for a first draft…..I can’t wait to see what we create next!

Joan Karp

Karp Fit, Mount Nittanee Kombucha

Every time I get off the phone with you I feel like a weight has been lifted! I am proud to say Carmen is my business ANGEL!! She’s so patient when teaching me how she can help me. It’s making such a difference being able to trust and release what is difficult for me to find time for into her good care – and we’ve only just started!

Deb Droz

Whole Wellness Living | Martha Beck Master Life Coach & Instructor

What I always wanted in a business assistant is exactly what I have with Carmen  . . . spiritivity! First, she understands how the spiritual aspects of who I am must be reflected in how I write, market, and approach my work. Second, she has far more skills than I when it comes to the marketing, which frees me to operate in the areas of my gifts rather than slogging around beyond my comfort zone in tech challenges! Third, she’s eager to be part of a collaborative and creative team, not only responding but making great suggestions, taking initiative, and helping us grow. And she’s got the basics covered: capability, responsibility, dependability, and fun!

Chris Boersma Smith

Creativity Coach, Spiritual Director & Quilter Reap As You Sew

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