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Thank You for Taking it All

I woke up excited to buy my airline ticket to meet up with my husband in Washington, DC. It had been longer than I care to admit since we had been together, distance had taken its toll while he was finishing his military career.


I checked my phone, as I always do, first thing in the morning to see a notice from the bank for insufficient funds. How can that be? We had 5 figures in the bank, and I knew we did because I had just paid the bills the day before.

With a sick feeling in my stomach, I quickly checked our bank balance.


I looked, and it said transferred to USAA account xx xxx xx. Not an account number I knew. I called my husband in a panic. Someone had cleared our account.


He did, and he wanted a divorce.


He had met a woman (whom he later married) and wanted a divorce. There would be no trip to DC. He would put enough money in the account to cover the bills that were paid the day before.

At this point in my life, I had been playing with being a Creativity and Life Coach. It was my hobby.

I had been learning about how to market and sell myself and my business on the side. I loved playing with different tools and taking trainings in coaching, marketing, and business building. If I could be a professional student, I would be.

I had a few clients here and there. I would do workshops at the local art store when the mood struck me. I loved it but, I never had to worry about it putting food on the table or keeping a roof over our heads. It was just a little bit of fun money on the side, enough to cover my book and art supply habit!


But I knew at that moment that I had to get serious about creating a financially successful business. Well, after the ugly crying finished and the shock wore off, that is.


I started a business as a Virtual Assistant to Coaches. I had spent the last four years dabbling at building my own business and learning all about the tools and methods that were successful. It was a natural first step, plus there were courses on how to get started successfully.

I worked it, I over delivered, I made connections, I put myself out there, I learned and then I learned some more. The first year I was able to make enough for us to scrape by, everyone under the sun was encouraging me to “go get a real job.” My response, I had one, and it worked it just needed little more time and nurture to get even more successful.


I started listening to what my clients were really asking me for, where did they need and want the most help? What could I do more for them?

I heard them thanking me for listening and providing advice, for being the business partner, they always wished they had. I found them seeking answers to the best practices for social media campaigns, paid advertising, and launch strategies. I heard them asking for more business and marketing advice and support. I heard them asking for me to translate their ideas into business strategies.


I had always been a voracious reader. Now, marketing and business books lined the bedside table. I listened to marketing and business podcasts. I absorbed everything I could about how to be a better entrepreneur, not just for myself but for my clients.

I worked with business and marketing coaches. I learned from watching her and from the work we did together.


My clients loved the shift in focus for my business. They thanked me for supporting them. They told me how grateful they were to have me as a partner in their business and they were achieving things they only dreamed of on their own.

I went to Cornell to earn a Strategic Marketing Certification.  I continue to learn.

Throughout the course of the last few years, I have completely transformed not only my business but the businesses of the two dozen or more clients that I have had the honor of supporting.


I share this story because when I am asked, “How can you tell if an entrepreneur who comes to work with you will be successful?”

My answer is always the same.

If an entrepreneur has a big enough why they will take their business and themselves seriously, and they will succeed.


No matter how many setbacks are faced along the way.

My why came when that bank account read $0.

For that, I want to say thank you. I never thought I would be grateful that he took it all. But, I am.

I love the life I have created. I have met some amazing women throughout this journey, and I am looking forward to seeing where life leads next!


Thank you for taking it all and giving me the incentive to be the woman I have always dreamed of being!


Today, I help mostly women to get serious about their business and to create the business that they thought they could only dream about.

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