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Organic Reach is Dead. Or Is It?

The news from Social Media Marketing World is that Facebook Organic Reach is dead. A year ago you could post an image and get instantaneous traffic; you now have to pay to reach those very same followers. There is no denying it, by that definition organic reach is dead. But then, so is search engine optimization (SEO).

Facebook algorithms. Google’s search engine algorithms. Dark Magic.

Businessmen and women search for the magic potion that will rocket their blog, their product, their service to the top of the list. What do they need to do to be seen by all the right people? Is it paid advertising on Facebook and Google? Is it using the exact right keyword? Is it posting at just the right time?

The secret.

There is no magic potion.

What there is though is creating real content, real offers, and real products that your customers WANT and NEED to have in their lives.

It isn’t sexy. It isn’t flashy.

But it works. 

Consistent, meaningful, nurturing of your relationship with your clients and potential clients makes ALL the difference. 

How do I know that this works?

Many of our Wildpreneur clients have grown their audiences on Facebook and their mailing lists in the last 6 months by more than 30%, with minimal ad spend.

There are lively interactions on their Facebook Business pages. Yes, you read that correctly on their Facebook Business pages. A place that many claim to have no traffic and to be of little value.

There are Facebook live videos. There are blog posts. There are conversations in the comments. There is sharing of content.

There is organic reach!


Because they offer valuable content and genuine interaction with the people that follow them.

Yes, there are sales posts and emails mixed in but that is NOT the main message being sent out. The followers feel like they are benefiting, even if they never buy anything.

And here is the real magic. 

Because the followers are getting so much value from the free content and free interaction they WANT to BUY.  They WANT more of the love and attention that they feel when they are working with those businesses.

That is the magic.

Consistent, meaningful service turns into steady, ideal customers. 

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