Meet Carmen

The problem with the “About” page is answering who I am at this moment.  We all wear so many hats. I’ll do my best to tell you who I am in broad strokes but remember there is more to a story than the words on a page!

Personally I am


A single mom to three inspiring young adults, two sons, and a daughter. We have grown and learned so much together during our homeschooling adventure. It shouldn’t be surprising that they are now choosing unconventional paths.


Daughter of a Marine, and a creative musician. I am the best of both worlds. Those left-right brand tests, yeah I score 50/50 every time.


A rural girl who loved building my own Bridge to Terabithia in the woods, and being pulled down the mountain by my best friend’s yellow lab. (Yep, Becca still teases me about that one.)


An avid reader. (My favorites ~ non-fiction or magical realism. Are they really that different?)

Professionally I am


Bucknell University (doesn’t every great marketer start by doing Pharmaceutical Research for a living?)

Strategic Marketing Certification

Cornell University

Business & Marketing Coach

Certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, completed Martha Beck Life Coach Training, and Byron Katie’s School for the Work. I have the tools to help you move through any mindset block even the worst inner critic can throw at us. 


Working successfully with businesses to pivot, grow and transform their businesses year after year.

We believe in being you.

In All Your Wild Glory.

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