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Experience the Momentum of Clarity

Most people who work alone struggle to keep sight of the big vision, and get bogged down in the tasks at hand. So we created Exploration Sessions to provide you with a method to get confident and clear on what your next steps should be to move you towards achieving your vision/goals.



Get clear about your message.


Your business will spread like magic.

You Exploration Session:

  • A recorded 90-min 1-1 call
  • A written summation of possible next steps for the problems we identified
  • A clearing of the fog to discover where you are experiencing a disconnect and discover solutions

Typical Topics & Questions We Discuss:

  • How can I market authentically and make money
  • I am creating content but no one is listening
  • I created a course but only a few people purchased it
  • I am not sure where to even begin

What you will not receive:

  • Marketing Implementation, I will not DO your marketing for you. This is a done WITH you, not for you service.
  • High pressure, seven-figure promise marketing tactics that are being spewed across the interwebs

Value & Cost:

  • Cost: $375 for 90-min
  • Value: Clarity is priceless. In 90-min we can typically define goals and next steps for the next 90 days. Leading to increased success, and sustainable business growth.

Working with me is like having a business partner who is there to support and transform you from a solopreneur into a Wildpreneur™.



Start Creating Your Wildpreneur™ Marketing Plan Today


Book your free marketing assessment today. 


Discover and define your next steps with confidence and clarity.

Implement Your Plan

Connect with your customers & grow your business.

Brings Clarity, Definition & a Partner

Collaborating with you has brought clarity and definition to the marketing and structure of my business.  Your gift is your intuitive ability to see the direction that the journey needs to take next. I don't feel like I'm doing it alone - and at the same time, I always have the lead.

- Bev Barnes Martha Beck Master Life Coach & Coach Instructor Owner & Creator of Soul's Calling Academy
Keen Eye and a Creative Mind

Carmen helps me herd the administrative cats of my group coaching program like a pro. She's also got a keen eye and a creative mind for finding new ways to make things run smoother. Definitely an invaluable part of my team!

- Tea Silvestre Story Bistro
Calm in the Storm

You are my calm in the storm, working with you creates paths to complete my business visions.

- Tina Meilleur Design Your Success Martha Beck Life Coach, CPA, MBA
A Fun & Safe Environment

Working with Carmen makes it fun and safe for me. Thank you! I love the way Wake Up Qi is evolving into a home for all of the different facets of my business.

- Paula Graham Wake Up Qi
Dedicated and Creative

Carmen’s social media skills have impacted our business in a very positive manner!  Her dedication and creativity to marketing our business is impressive.

- Sharon Frazier & Jeff McClellan Nittany RV
Innovative Entrepreneur

Wild results!  Carmen and Wildpreneur took my social media presence to a new level of engagement and followers. She’s an innovative entrepreneur with a creative streak.

- Maureen Taylor The Photo Detective
Intuitive Awareness

Carmen is an entrepreneur’s dream because she combines a vast array of technical skills with an extraordinary level of intuitive awareness.

- Marney Makridakis Artellaland, Words, Art and Spirit Owner & Creator
Dedicated and Committed to Success

 I’m glad I didn’t try to do it ‘all’ when someone like you exists so I can do what I’m best at and what makes me the happiest.

- Joy Principe Life Coach, CPA Circle of Life Coaching and Personal Growth
Creative Vision to Reality

I am so excited by the very first version of my website. We've not even had a face to face meeting to finalize and revamp -- so if this is what Wildpreneur can do for a first draft.....I can't wait to see what we create next!

- Joan Karp, Karp Fit, Mount Nittanee Kombucha
A Weight is Lifted

Every time I get off the phone with you I feel like a weight has been lifted! I am proud to say Carmen is my business ANGEL!!

- Deb Droz Whole Wellness Living Martha Beck Master Life Coach & Instructor
Collaborative and Creative

She’s eager to be part of a collaborative and creative team, not only responding but making great suggestions, taking initiative, and helping us grow. And she’s got the basics covered: capability, responsibility, dependability, and fun!

- Chris Boersma Smith, Creativity Coach, Spiritual Director & Quilter Reap As You Sew

I’m ready when you are! You have created a purpose-driven business, it deserves purpose-driven marketing.