Meditation . . . maybe there is something to it

I spent 9 days at The School for the Work with Byron Katie.

I went because I am on the marketing staff at Byron Katie, International.

I believe you should go because it changed my world.

You know you should meditate, everyone is saying it. But when was the last time you actually did it every day for 9 days?

Organic Reach is Dead. Or Is It?

The news from Social Media Marketing World is that Facebook Organic Reach is dead. A year ago you could post an image and get instantaneous traffic; you now have to pay to reach those very same followers. There is no denying it, by that definition organic reach is dead. But then, so is search engine optimization (SEO).

Facebook algorithms. Google’s search engine algorithms. Dark Magic. (more…)

Thank You for Taking it All

I woke up excited to buy my airline ticket to meet up with my husband in Washington, DC. It had been longer than I care to admit since we had been together, distance had taken its toll while he was finishing his military career.


I checked my phone, as I always do, first thing in the morning to see a notice from the bank for insufficient funds. How can that be? We had 5 figures in the bank, and I knew we did because I had just paid the bills the day before.